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"Is it true, Quartermaster?”

“A wealth beyond our wildest fantasies, mate.  A fortune from the exotic corners of this lush world, and a share for each of us, soon.” The quartermaster leaned in, whispering.
And those words pricked a pair of cunning ears on the far side of the room. A figure moved gracefully to the sailor’s table.
Her name was Fiona Faund, Owner of L’Etoile, Kazan’s premier harborside tavern.  As she approached the men, before they could even speak, an effervescent cloud of jade smoke burst before them, wandering quickly into their lungs.  The tired, angry men, looked at her with glazed eyes, relaxed, and smiled.

“How about another round, boys?” The barmaid smirked as the sailor’s nodded in agreeance.  “That will be…all of your valuables. Oh, yes, and that glistening key on your belt.”

The men looked at each other, and piled their belongings on the oaken table.  Without hesitation or question, they slid the mound of riches, including the key, towards Fiona, for she, was an enchantress.

    A full moon rose over the small, hidden bay of Kazan.  The moon lit her face as Fiona peaked out of a dark alley.  Lanterns danced like fireflies up and down the gangplank of a mighty galleon ported at the very end of the harbor.  She pulled a hood over her head, and stepped out onto the docks. With a flick of her wrist, a sudden breeze extinguished every lantern in the harbor.  And with her other hand, as if she had done this many nights before, erupted a massive cloud of grey fizzling smoke from her fingertips. The cloud floated ominously towards the end of the dock as her tattered boots glided silently within it. One by one the sailor’s fell into a deep slumber as they inhaled the rose scented mist, crashing lifelessly onto wooden planks.  The clouded filled the powerful ship as she began her assault.

Briskly up the gangplank, and confidently through the door to the captain’s quarters, Fiona was interrupted by a massive creature, passed out on a desk of scattered maps.   A loud yet delicate purr resonated from the ornately garbed catlike figure, she assumed was their captain.

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   Woven like a tapestry in a castle, He wore a rich coat of red and gold.  A pair of matching trousers fit delicately around his powerful feline legs, tucked into his gold-buckled red boots.  The intricate patterns of his garb cast a spell over Fiona. A movement broke her gaze. The cat captain’s tail dragged heavily across the wooden floor beneath him.  Her attention fell to a small locked hatch in the corner behind the desk. The enchantress held her breathe, crouching as she snuck past the sleeping cat. Fiona removed the glistening key from her pouch, and inserted it into the golden lock.

    Piles of gold and gems as tall as she, towered to the ceiling of an unexplainable large room.  She lifted a handful of strangely marked coins from ground, carefully appraising them. Fiona stuffed her pockets as she moved towards the back of the room.  Her eyes widened, seeing a pile of the most exquisite fabrics she had ever seen. This was different, to Fiona, this was worth much more than gold. With a heave, she slung a bolt of deep blue and shimmering silver tapestry over her shoulder.  

The door to the captain’s quarters shut quietly behind Fiona as she escaped. A sinister smile crept up the face of the sleeping cat captain, as his piercing blue eyes slid open in the dark.

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   The morning sun pierced through stained window into L’Etoile as Fiona cleaned up the mess from the afternoon before.  While scrubbing a table, the front door of the tavern creaked open gracefully.

Her eyes met his, boring into her like gemstones of unimaginable power. With a furtive flick of her wrist, she cast a most alluring charm on the massive cat pirate standing at the entrance to the bar.  A glow emerged from beneath his rich red and gold coat, and he smirked. Panic washed over her, as the girl's magic had never failed before.
“I believe you have something that belongs to me,” The cat captain said softly, “I have come to enlist your services aboard my crew, and in exchange, I will spare your life.”
Fiona froze and stuttered over her words for a moment, “I live a grandiose and pleasant life here,  I do not wish to leave to engage in piracy.”
The cat-man glanced around L’Etoile and laughed, “This life is boring, and easy.  Besides, it seems you are already engaged in piracy, are you not? We are not so different, you and I.”
Fiona lifted her nose and snarled, “You underestimate my power, kitten. I will not go with you, and you will leave this town and never return.”
“So be it.” The captain growled, unsheathing his rapier.

   With a snap of her fingers, Fiona was engulfed in a burst of smoke. As the smoke cleared, the enchantress had vanished.  All that remained was a honey bee, buzzing quickly towards a crack in a window. His eyes followed the fluttering insect across the room, sheathing his weapon.  After a quick and masterful rummage of the tavern, the cat captain reclaimed the bolt of fabric that was questionably his.

After a night of hiding in the nearby wood, Fiona had exhausted all of her magics.  Smoke billowed from Kazan in the distance. She ran to see, to help. Her heart sank into her stomach as she saw the word “Witch” painted crudely over the delicately carved sign hanging outside of L’Etoile.  She watched helplessly as an angry mob lit the building, her home, ablaze. Posted on a nearby wall, was a decree bearing the royal seal of a King. A colossal bounty scrawled on parchment for the head of the Enchantress Fiona Faund.  As she stood reading the document is disbelief, the mob spotted her, and the crowd began to move towards her.

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She turned to run, but her path was cut off by the angry, screaming villagers.  Chased by the mob, she ran down alleys and darted across streets. The crowd funneled her  towards the harbor. The dirt beneath her feet ran out, stopping abruptly before the weathered boardwalk.  She was cornered, nowhere left to run, but to end of the dock.

“Well look who it is, my old friend.” The cat captain mocked, standing on the gangplank of the ship.  Fiona gasped for breath as she approached the galleon “Have you changed your mind?”

Fiona stopped and looked back at the horde of dirty villagers rushing towards her.  She looked back to the captain, outreaching his hand. The cuffs of his jacket where bright and pristine.  Every inch of the creature shimmered with gold, from the buckles of his red boots to the cheeky smile she wanted to knock off his face.
“Come now, We haven't got all day darling” The cat captain demanded.
With a sigh, she ran up the gangplank and grasped the captain’s soft paw.   He pulled her with an uncanny strength onto the ship and kicked the wooden board into the water, as the ship set launched from the harbor into the bay.

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  Fiona leaned over the ship’s rail, watching smoke billow from L’Etoile in the distance as they moved further from Kazan.  

“You can leave whenever you please, but you can never go back to who you used to be.” A soft voice purred behind her. “Here is a gift to celebrate your new life. It should fit you perfectly.”

The cat captain extended to her, a kilt and a bustier, tailored with precision, in the glowing blue and silver fabric that had been simply cloth just a day before.   
Her eyes began to tear, holding the stack of garments.

“Who are you?” the enchantress asked.
“Captain Felix Fenclaw, at your service.” The cat-man bowed, removing his gilded tricorn.

After a pause, Fiona looked towards Kazan and spoke, “There are no kings of these lands anymore, Captain.”

“No,” He said reaching into his coat pocket. He produced a forged wax stamp bearing the seal of a king, and tossed it to her, “Only fools.”
Fiona remained silent as she glared fiercely into his eyes. He returned her cold, angry stare with a smile and a wink,

“Welcome aboard, Fiona darling. Adventure awaits us.”