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Embark on an enchanting journey with The Jeweler's Guild Signet Ring.


 Inspired by the daring exploits of Felix and Fiona in the fabled jungle city of Adaween, this extraordinary ring holds the key to unlock the secrets of The Golden Portal—a lost ancient ruin obscured by the passage of time.


Imbued with the highest quality electroplated stainless steel, its intricate design reflects the native markings of Adaween, while the pure amethyst pyramid at its core radiates a mystical violet glow, a key that empowers you with clarity of mind and spiritual protection.


Encased in a meticulously crafted wooden box, The Jeweler's Guild Signet Ring embodies both modern sophistication and fantastical charm.


Let this extraordinary ring transport you to a world where destiny and adventure intertwine, guiding you towards the undiscovered wonders that lie beyond The Golden Portal.

This item includes the storybook: "Adaween, the Gem of the Jungle"

The Jeweler's Guild Signet Ring

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