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Finish your rum before the captain sees! Enchant anyone you meet in Sailor Fiona's Bridge Deck Bustier Top. This corset top can be worn with or without the tiger print sleeves- increasing its versatility ten-fold. Made from high-quality chenille damask fabric, this crop tank top features a zip-back, adjustable straps with gold buckles and a lace-up front with large gold metal grommets. This cream corset and includes a matching choker. Lace up this pirate top with the gold chain it comes with or swap it out for a ribbon of your choice. 

This item includes the storybook: "The Cat Captain's Coffers"

Sailor Fiona's Bridge Deck Bustier Top

  •     XS S M L XL
    Bust   29.5" - 31" 31.5"-33" 33"-34.5" 36.25"-38" 40.5"-42"
    Waist   25"-27" 27.5"-28.5" 29"-31" 29"-31" 35"-38"
    Length   13"-14" 13"-14" 13.5"-14.5" 16"-17" 16"-17"
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