The Merchants Of Adaween

Discover  the wardrobe for your interdimensional journeys.

Step into another realm, where adventure awaits.

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The Merchants of Adaween

The Hibiscus’ merchant crew had faced these creatures before, and they knew what it wanted.  The crew began to gather all of their valuable metal goods to the edge of the deck. Mounds of gold, silver, and pewter jewelry and trinkets spilled out of their crates over the side of the small unpainted ship, splashing like a rainstorm onto the surface of the water.   The men gave what little coins and jewelry they had on their persons, emptying their pockets. A sonic roar, rocked the ship after the dragon inspected the offering.  

Not enough.


Her eyes met his, boring into her like gemstones of unimaginable power. With a furtive flick of her wrist, she cast a most alluring charm on the massive cat pirate standing at the entrance to the bar.  A glow emerged from beneath his rich red and gold coat, and he smirked.  Panic washed over her, as the girl's magic had never failed before. 

The Cat Captain's Coffers

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