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Your Adventure Begins Here!

Pirate crew on the beach.
Old Book

Everything we sell comes with a short story, recounting the lore of each item in our shop... 

Felix Fenclaw, Legendary Cat Pirate

Our story follows the adventures of the legendary cat captain, Felix Fenclaw...

And the reckless, but powerful enchantress,
Fiona Faund...


As they embark on a quest to find an ancient ruin
lost to time,
The Golden Portal

We offer in our shop all of the things Felix and Fiona wear and carry along their journey.

Join us as we embark on OUR quest to make the world a little more fantastic.

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Find out even more by reading our stories below, available for free online

Pirate ship at night time in a harbor

Chapter 2:
The Cat Captain's Coffers

The Cat Captain's Coffers recounts the tale of how the wiley cat pirate, Felix Fenclaw, first meets the young sorceress, Fiona Faund.

On the last leg of a decades long quest to find an ancient ruin, The Golden Portal, Captain Fenclaw finds Fiona running a sea side tavern, The Urchin's Kiss, wearing a necklace bearing the symbol of the Golden Portal. 

Knowing this can be no coincidence, he tricks the stubborn, volatile, and incredibly powerful sea witch into joining his crew

as they both seek answers to what lies beyond the portal. 

Grab a pint at the Urchin's Kiss today!


Chapter 1:
The Merchants of Adaween

A group of merchant sailors from the powerful jungle city of Adaween, find themselves in an encounter with a mighty ocean dragon.  

A beautiful and ornate ship appears on the horizon, filled with exquisitely dressed pirates.

Led by the mighty Cat Captain, the pirates engage in a battle of wits with the winged sea-monster, in order to save the trade vessel.

Drop a coin overboard for luck,

your going to need it. 

Fenclaw & Faund is a fantasy fashion universe where you're invited to adventure alongside the Cat Captain, Felix Fenclaw and the Enchantress, Fiona Faund. Each collection has a story to tell and within that story there are treasured garments and magical items. We bring those items to life and allow them to jump off the page into your closet and home. 

Made for adventuring and experiencing magic in the real world, we offer a multitude of unique renaissance faire outfits, renaissance faire costumes, pirate costume, pirate costumes and pirate costumes for women. Whether you are looking for a pirate coat, cool men's shirt, or your next festival outfit, you will certainly be pleased with our offerings. From everyday alternative clothing to statement pieces that will stay in your wardrobe forever, you can find the most fantastic fantasy costumes within our world. Specializing in unique mens clothing, mens clubwear and mens festival fashion, we create clothing for anyone who identifies as a peacock. Our styles will make a statement at any event or outing. If you're seeking mystical clothing, we have women's mini skirt and kilt skirt made from baroque fabric. Our corset top with lace up chain detail and a matching choker will be the stand out look at any party. Many of our items have a particularly feline feeling including tiger printed palazzo pants and tiger print button down shirt. Find the fantasy style clothing you're looking for as well as mens silk button down shirts, unique button down shirts, mens floral button down shirts, geometric print button downs, mens metallic shirt, iridescent silk shirt, cool mens clothing.

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